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have you ever met someone, spent less than thirty minutes with them and thought ‘i could easily love you’

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Anonymous asked: What advice would you give a person who has just started writing poetry?

read. read.
read. read.


anonymously send me a song lyric that reminds u of me omg

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ahgoodthesea asked: Can you do anything with the line, "The only language I am fluent in is improvement," built from B. Wakefield's "I am fluent in getting better"?

Yes, yes I can :) thank you for the prompt !

—how the imprudent fall in love


a note after Kait Rokowski

then, falling in love was something I did when I was bored. A hobby. The phrase slipped off my tongue like that clumsy kid at recess trying to balance his way across the teeter-totter. It was what all the cool kids were doing; and I wanted nothing more but to fit in….